Spring 2010

Spring 2010

My journey back to Illinois started in a busy MIA this morning. As usual I cut it pretty close with my flight.

“Passenger S. Adderly please proceed to D44 for immediate departure.”

No MIA is not like European airports where they make no boarding announcements, not even for the initial boarding of the aircraft!

Everything considered the trip back was pretty smooth. I expect my first article as a contributing writer to the features section of the Daily Illini to be in print tomorrow or soon after. As many of you know I’m no longer a new staff writer. That means no more breaking news and writing up to three articles a week. It was a fun ride and a good learning experience, now I think it is time for me to branch out with my journalism experience.

I don’t know how the semester will go; let us hope for the best shall we in 2010. At least I got picked up in a sports car by a good friend to bring me back to my apartment 🙂

Random facts from over the years at U of I

Fact: Since I’ve been a student journalist I’ve interviewed over 100 people as sources for my articles! Including Grant Imahara from TLC’s mythbusters
Fact: During my time at Illinois I’ve worked with four different professors, in three different disciplines
Fact: I worked on the Motorola Droid (the best selling android phone out there)
Fact: An electrical engineering degree requires 136 hours for graduation. (7 hours remaining I think?)
Fact: A minor in history requires 21 hours (18/21 hours completed)
Fact: I almost have the same number of friends I had when I left high school
Fact: My first legal drink was in Taiwan where the drinking age is 18
Fact: I like Chardonnay
Fact: I’m a proud member of the Democratic Party
Fact: I’m attracted to pathetic people, but maybe that’s good
Fact: I had no AP credits. How much can you learn in an AP class, that’s why good private schools don’t have AP classes
Fact: Working sucks, so I should stay in school as long as possible
Fact: Every semester since freshman year I’ve taken no less than 18 hours, but they haven’t necessarily been in history or engineering
Fact: I really love Star Trek. Spock is still my favorite character. But am I more like Kirk or Spock I can’t decide?


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