Sometime writing can be fun….

Take this article on the JAL (Japanese Airlines) on the brink of bankruptcy:

Tokyo, Japan (FT) — “I’d like to take a pistol and shoot every JAL executive of the last 20 years,” says Hideo Fujiwara, an otherwise gently spoken 72-year-old.

Or this one

January 1st, 2010
Headline: “Happy ******* New Year” As Lady GaGa Strips And Rocks Miami

Miami, Florida, United States (AHN) – Lady GaGa brought her “Monsters Ball” tour to Miami on New Year’s Eve, then played to a packed house at a VIP-only after-party on South Beach.


After midnight, GaGa appeared and wished the cheering crowd a “happy ******* New Year.”

“I just had my first concert in Miami, so it was like a first date,” GaGa admitted. “So this is like a second date and we can **** and I won’t feel like a slut in the morning.”

“I have the best ******* fans in the world. For those of you who are here, I love you!” GaGa added between sets.

After the show, GaGa and her back-up dancers partied in an even more exclusive VIP section above the main pool deck. She stripped down into her all-black panties and bra while she partied with celebrity gossip columnist Perez Hilton.

You don’t think the reporter had fun writing that


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