Conan got screwed over by NBC

Well NBC the jokes on you, Conan O’Brien’s ratings have sky rocketed as he’s lambasted the network each night.

Last night Conan purchased a race horse with NBC’s money and he aired restricted shows so NBC would be fined brilliant Conan, I have to hand it to you. As well as a cursing triad by Robin Williams. Brilliant!

This is somewhat of a 180 degree reversal for me, I’ve always really enjoyed Jay Leno. But Conan got a raw deal, and I can’t wait until Conan shows up on Fox or elsewhere. So I’m with Coco on this one.

In other news the weather isn’t too bad here in the twin cities of Champaign-Urbana.
I apparently miscalculated the hours I need to graduate it turns out I only need 3 more hours in ece after this semester.

Youtube videos I’ve been watching lately:

More PS22 Chorus

The art is expressive. Better than the modern wing’s modern art collection.

They had it right when they said the first piece of art put into the Art institute’s modern wing was the wing itself it’s a wonderful structure. But the art isn’t that great. Check out my review of Windows 7, this Tuesday in the DI. Thanks for the idea Sue.

Jennifer Warnes


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