State of the Union Address

Random Thoughts to all:

Lately for one reason or the other I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down and really peer through the political issues as much as I use to. But I’ll give you comments on what I think will be in the State of the Union, based on what I have read.

Tonight,the President will talk about health care reform. We’ve all been hearing about health care reform since Obama’s inauguration. As we know the process has stalled as some people are hesitant moving forward with reform. As I’ve stated before I think reform is necessary. Health care needs to be more affordable and avaliable to all.

Two, the economy unless you all have been living under a rock lately, the United States and the global economy is just starting to recover. However, don’t expect that to translate into more jobs. Companies won’t necessarily be the large entities that they use to be. The Obama administration is in a really tough position. I mean how do you solve an economic crisis, as far as I know there’s no magic fix, no sure answers. The Obama administration is taking a gamble, albeit a carefully planned out one to solving our nation’s economic issues. But who knows if it’ll work.

Expect the President to talk about immigration reform. There are an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in the United States. Any reasonable person, will tell you it’s impossible to find and remove 12 million people, many whom contribute to our country. That’s why I think these people deserve a path to citizenship.

Well hopefully we’ll all get a chance to catch the speech, or the replay.


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