How do you measure a year?

Everyone has probably seen Rent, the Moving Light Effects are pretty good.

Lighting from my point of view is a pretty cool application. The fixture movements are not necessarily intelligent, i.e. tracking someone on stage.

In other news the undergraduate journey still continues, the work never ceases. At some point tonight I might possibly get the solution to the problem I need to solve. EM and bio-E research continues.

Lately I’ve been interested in applied ocean engineering problems. I always liked Marine Biology, it’s pretty interesting. C’mon who doesn’t like Dolphins. But I’m not sure my skills in computer modeling are that great. In other news I got placed at Franklin Middle School in Champaign this semester, I’ll be tutoring in Geometry to 8th graders.

The Superbowl is this Sunday and like million of Americans and people from around the world I will definitely be watching the game. I’m a little torn between New Orleans and the Colts, but I think I’m rooting for the underdogs.
Check out February Dance, and the DI on Tuesday.


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