A really long blog post on college

First thing, I’m glad the Saints won. I’m always pulling for the underdog unless it’s my home team. So I’ve been sorta lazy lately, I have my first exam today, exam one out of six in this peculiar class. Man it must have sucked for the Colts losing having to fly home knowing you lost the most important game of your life. No one likes losing, as someone randomly pointed out to be no one enjoys failing or coming in second place in some regards. No matter how you want to spin it we all like to try to be #1 in at least one thing.

Some thoughts on college:

I tried really hard to balance my life out, here in college. My college experience didn’t quite go the stereotypical way. When I was a freshman and sophomore I wasted time, I nearly avoid punishment from the disciplinary committee. Gradually the classes got harder, my time to go out and do things lessened. I had a rude awakening that I was going to have to spend a lot more time on school. The last three semesters have been a hell of a ride, brutal classes,more research, and through diffusion most of my friends have disappeared. Occasionally someone will drop me a line. Everyone has been manipulated and use for someones personal gain to some extent. I guess the difference between me and someone else is that I call the person out and rip into them. Oddly enough the stupidest decision I make is to continue being cordial. There’s no reason really to be cynical. I mean has my life been perfect no. But to varying degrees I got to do a lot of what I wanted. I traveled, I worked in corporate America, I got to live in Chicago in the summer and share my time with someone wonderful. I met people that were good influences, I stuck to my values, and I work with good people. It’s like someone else told me, you have to be nice to other people for them to be nice to you. We all rebellious tendencies but at the end of the day we have one planet, and we all live on this planet whether we like it or not so we better get use to each other. I sense a few people I know are bitter and cynical whether because their screwed in some way. You know that’s life I can think of two to three major problems I have right now. But you know whatever is going to happen is going to happen. Maybe that’s taking the argument that there is some predetermined destiny for all of us, and that wouldn’t make me a good objective engineer. But who cares, if it makes me feel better to believe this why not.

Finally, the other day I was talking to someone who is a very good friend of mine, and mentor to me doing great research work on super heroes and their role in society. For instance if we take Superman, this historian saw the character as pushing the boundaries of acceptance in America. Superman as we know is a character of extraterrestrial origin, and in a way this challenges the notion that Anglo-Saxon ancestry was the source of all strength. Anyway, we got around to discussing which super heroes we most identified with, I usually choose Batman. Why because Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) is human, he doesn’t have a natural super powers. When he’s not out saving the world he creates a false public persona so he can hide his true identity. A few reasons why I like Bruce, Wayne Tech industries a subsidiary he owns makes a lot of money, in..engineering and bio-e. Two as batman he’s often portrayed a really dark guy, in most recent incarnations of the franchise. But he always does what is right, even when he’s conflicted, and that’s a admirable quality.

The historian choose Spiderman, and I said why Spiderman. The answer was more obvious than I realized. If you’ve seen the recent Spiderman movies. We see Peter Parker was a student of science, who suffered an accident that lead him to have these spider like abilities. But before this accident we see Peter is this nerdy guy who lives with his grandparents, who’s a struggling photographer to make a few bucks on the side. As we know he doesn’t get Mary Jane the first time around, he loses out to the more dashing and rich guy. Even after he becomes Spiderman nothing changes really even when he’s out saving the world. At the end of the day he’s still that nerdy guy Peter Parker that has to deal with all his problems. Particularly I found the Spiderman movies to be very sad stories.

If and when I graduate (ha)…the only resolution I have is to dress more stylishly. With that being said don’t forget to check out Page 6A with my story on it.


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