The week in Review

Watching figure skating allows us to see many scientific concepts in play such as friction, momentum, and Newton’s third law, that’s clearly what my engineering mind was thinking while I was watching the short program on Monday night. I ignored all the aesthetics, and skill…well I’m kidding… Shen Xue and Zhao Hongbo, won China’s first metal in figure skating. This also marked the first time the Russians did not win a gold metal in figure skating. But it was a very nice routine by Xue and Hongbo, for some others it was a devastating fall to the ice. For some reason I do have this odd like of ice-skating, I’ve never been disappointed by any ice-skating show I’ve seen in person.

Shani Davis [Chicago Native], and Lindsey Vonn, also won gold metals today. Vonn becomes the first American woman to win a gold metal in the downhill, and Davis was the first person in history to win the 1000m twice.

Oh…Toyota what’s going on?First it was the accelerator being the problem, then it was the Prius brakes, and now it appears that the Corolla is un-steerable at times..


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