Changing my drum brakes

At first, it looked like changing my drum brakes would be a daunting task. But after studying the repair manual and watching some youtube videos of people disassembling and re-assembling their drum brakes.

This requires three steps, removing the brake drum, disassembling the shoe and then re-assembling the new shoe and the brake drum.

Image result for rear brake drum

Removing the brake drum is relatively easy on my car this required just removing the wheel and then pulling off the brake drum. Then disassembling the shoe required removing several springs, the brake shoe adjuster, and the operating level. The hardest part of the process was removing one shoe pad on each brake that is attached to the operating lever from the C-clamp. The operating lever attached the pad to the backing plate. Luckily, I had a friend to help me remove the c-clamp. Afterward, I cleaned down the backing plate with WD-40.

Re-assembling, required attaching the C-clamp to operating level to attach it to the brake pad. Then replacing the other parts required for properly assembly in order. I adjusted the brakes using the brake shoe adjuster to ensure that wheel stops after 1 rotation.


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