It’s 3 am in the morning

Yeah, It’s 3:30 am. No better time to be lively. I have a history final in less than 10 hours from now. But what the heck why not write a blog post, it only takes a few minutes, and what better time to take a break. The past few hours I’ve been looking at Russian-Jewish history, through the lens of Grossman, Mikhoels, Fefer, and the list goes on. The nice thing about this exam is that I get to write my own question. Gayathri and Jeffrey have helped me craft the question little by little. I was even convinced if I gave Gayathri the documents she could write it herself. Write it please!!!!!!

I thought my writing was done for the semester, but long behold I get to write two more articles. Mystery ones woah, what??. I also have a surprise planned for Friday’s edition, for some very cool people that have made positive impacts on my life during the time I’ve got to know them, here at U of I.

Engineering wise, semiconductors, oh yea there hot. Fields, and Power Generation, super super hot.



The Week in review

Another busy week, but I’m not going to complain because everyone’s week is busy. I’m a little disappointed the next episode of House will be two weeks away.

Weekend plans?Dunno?

ECE Ilinois

The great thing about Electrical Engineering is: it has so many things that have yet to be discovered. In my semi-conductors course we’ve been reading about the development of the Internet, integrated circuits, and cell phones. Many of you probably don’t know Illinois is home to the inventors of the transistor, LCD, and led. There is a reason why we are the #1 public university electrical engineering department in the US or the world you could argue.

I believe the transistor was probably the single most important contribution anyone has ever give to mankind. Without transistors I would not be typing on this laptop, or watching my high-resolution LCD monitor. Lately I’ve been reading about Gordon Moore, the guy was flat out brilliant and Jack Kilby a U of I alum who created the integrated circuit, brilliant. Last night I was solving a hw problem with my friend, and we both rationalized that anyone would be a moron to design the phone in question. That was the point of the problem to say the phone sucked. But its those gray area design problems in engineering that make you say oh shoot.

Watch the first three minutes of this. No has anything on the Korean girl in the dress. And can someone get me one of those suits. I did get a new blazer recently.

College and Life as a Junior

Well I haven’t been writing on my blog lately, but things are more or less the same. Back to classes with more hw, and more years of college, which is sorta a good thing. I was day dreaming yesterday, thinking about all the things that I’ve done over the past two years here at school, and the things I still want to do. There’s been quite a few road bumps here and there, but I usually manage to get past them. Along the way, I unfortunately realized I’m 20 now, and that means toning down my practical jokes. I had the pleasure to get a lot done with research and classes.

On a personal side I have a few regrets. I feel bad about one particular person in college who I wish I was better friends with, due to similar interests. I think a little humility would have saved that friendship, but you know life moves on.

When I was a freshman I always felt, I was possibly out-maneuvered/manipulated by someone I like very much as a friend. I respect this person for being very clever, but still have many outstanding questions about them.

The biggest lesson I learned however was don’t ever waste your time trying to change someone. You’ll probably realize that some things are just not possible. Now its not to say you can’t change someone, but they have to want to change too. It can’t be a one way process, its really part of critical thinking, if you can’t reason out why you want to change, forget being able to change yourself. Game Over. So on that note, forget about people that are not worth it. They’ll never appreciate you, and you’ll find at the end of the day feeling that they only care about themselves. For this person I attribute this to their upbringing, their ignorance of the world, and their need to fit in to shore up insecurities.

But you know what thats ok, because I am very happy with all the other genuine people I’ve met here in college and around the world. I am happy with my accomplishments and look forward to what the future has for me and the good people I know.

Social Constructions

Tonight at the Spurlock Museum I attended a lecture on Scripture and the Rhetoric of Empire, by Elisabeth Schussler Fiorence a professor at Harvard Divinity School. The talk mainly focused on how people have used Christianity to justify expansionism and the military industrial complex. However the talk shifted to feminism and women’s place in society as defined by religion. She did not attack religion or Christianity at all she merely pointed out some specific interpretations people have held through the centuries. She also cited the reasons why some people view the United States as a imperial power and not a democracy. However I disagree with her on the fact that the US is a imperial power we are far from it, but we are also not a full fledged democracy.

I liked this quote in particular where she quotes Desmond Tutu on western colonization, “We have the Bibles now, and they have the land.” Although missionaries sought to convert the then termed “uncivilized” to Christianity it is hard to deny the countries that sent them on their missions had the prime objective of expansion.

So I asked the question to Professor Fiorence, whether she believed racism or gender would be a greater obstacle and she pointed my attention to the following youtube video:


In the video a lady asks Senator McCain how do we beat the B*, and everyone in rooms laughs, and McCain responds thats a good question. Now if McCain had said a derogatory term about Barack Obama he might have been looking at the end of his political future. I had seen the youtube video before and this scenario had not come into my mind. Overall I would say the theme of the lecture as in most religious and philosophical lectures usually centered back to the idea of social constructions. A few of my female friends believe that their ideal lives will happily move along with their husbands taking care of them. I think many people fail to realize that things have changed considerable while it might have been possible to live in a home with one parent working. I’m often repulsed by this stand by your man mentality. Our turbulent economy and rising cost of living will soon make this impossible.

The point I’m merely trying to make in this post is that most people spend too much time not trying to become more intellectually knowledgeable in certain things because they are socialized to think one way. I think one of the great things that I’ve found about college it is a period of your life where you have the ability to be exposed to many different avenues of thought. Whether that be from your friends, or professors. One of the biggest mistakes I find that engineering students make is trying to avoid taking classes that are not in the college of engineering. You might actually learn something from your philosophy or a history class. Realistically most people do not remain in one profession for their entire lives so I think its important to branch out explore as much as you can to prevent yourself from being an ignorant individual in society. I know a few of my friends that have interests in film, and psychology. I personally find religion and history interesting and politics of course.

Last night I was reading the book Lost Opportunity for my Political Science 240 class. The book covers the reasons why economic reform failed in Russia. I guess its fair to say as the book acknowledges there was no way economic reform was going to succeed in a environment where all forms of the market economy had been thoroughly destroyed. Russia is not what it use to be after the fall of the Soviet Union. Although the United States has its occasionally problems with Putin, he has his own problems to deal with mainly making sure the Russian economy doesn’t become stagnant.

This is probably a good time for me to give my take on the US economy. It is clear we are in a recession, people are scared to invest their money, and people don’t have the money to be avid consumers. The underlying problem in my opinion is the fact the US government did nothing to invest in intellectual and capital infustructure. The billion of dollars spent in Iraq could be spent training people for the new challenges of the 21st century. The US technology sector will soon become dwarfed by countries like India, and Taiwan. Manfucturing has already left our soil to China. As an engineer I wonder how much international experience I’ll need to have to operate in a worldwide market. I probably should brush up on my Madrin.

In other news I have alot of electrical and computer engineering homework and test to take before the end of the year. I still want to visit Europe early in the summer if I can.

So I have to do massive amounts of work this week, and prep for another test next week. The story of my life, but yea I’m not complaining. I just have to deal with it. I just became the technology director for colleges democrats on my campus. I plan to redesign their webpage so it looks as good as other universities. I guess I can’t wait until summer begins, I hope I get to do the traveling that I want to.

I just finished my marathon sessions of exams. I took one Chemistry conflict exam at 3 pm, and another exam for my analog signal processing class at 7. I think both exams were pretty fair although the Chemistry exam was long. The next thing I have to work on is finishing my ECE 290 lab before I leave town tomorrow since it will be due when I’m not here. Then I have to pack, I look foward to going back home to Miami, and enjoy the good weather. The weather right now in Miami is about 69 degees with clear skies, the weather in Urbana is not too bad high 40s. The downside to going home is getting alot of work done that I haven’t finished such as working on my research presentation that I will be presenting, and a abstract, and a paper due on Saturday.

So I don’t want to study for my exams, but I have to.Insteading of studying I’m talking to Daria and Luke who have an equally horrendous exam AE 252 Aerospace dynamics I. I’m at Grainger right now, the engineering library.