I’m not a big fan of rampant consumerism, and Juliet Schor would be disappointed with me.But, if you haven’t seen the Dos Equis commercials you are missing out.


Tonight I finally took a break from IC Design, Linear Algebra, and h-parameters. Working in RF engineering, exposes you to a lot of things.

I really like living in the Greater Chicagoland area. It’s been over a decade since I was last in NYC, I really would like to see how the two cities measure up. I can’t believe some people still have this dark picture of Chicago. Of a place filled with crime, gangsters and Al Capone. For the most part those days are over. Chicago is a vibrant and wonderful place to live, only second of course to my hometown Miami.

Lately, I’ve felt I lost my articulate edge in some areas. I think that’s partially because I really haven’t had time to read and think. Recently, I’ve also felt less willing to talk. When I was younger I really didn’t enjoy soliloquy. Whenever I sit at a table, it’s always up to me to start a conversation, and keep it going. But I’m flipping the tables (no pun intended), and going back to my younger self, just sitting and listening and not commenting. And quietly learning.