Last night, I caught the re-run of Paul McCartney’s appearance om David Letterman. Paul still has it after all these years. I also caught my first real episode of Conan, in place of Jay. I think he’s OK, but he sorta fails to realize what demographics is watching.

One movie that caught my eye recently and won a sundance film festival award:

This faux independent documentary, seems to be a feel good movie, laced with some comedy. I like the trailer enough to want to see it.

Another is a Disney film, called Ponyo. I’m pretty happy Disney is moving back to drawing each cell individually, instead of using cgi.

Other than that, I was glad to see Michael Vick resigned to football. Primarily, because I believe people should be given an opportunity to prove that they can change. What Michael did was horrendous, and stupid. I guess one common theme of my summer has been chances.

me: I guess I don’t want to ever judge people as quick as they’ve judged me
over the years