Photos from Monday

I decided to go out the other night, and snap some pictures around 1:30 am, with my DSLR. And I snapped some pictures near the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Yes I know it’s a shocker people that don’t go to U of I read my blog, so I have to describe places on campus…..The governor visiting campus trumped my story, so I have no idea when my next story will run, and homecoming is tomorrow.


Pacifica and February so far

Tonight, I went to a performance by the Pacifica Quartet, unless you have been living under a rock the faculty quartet in residence, picked up the 2009 Grammy award for Best Chamber Music Performance. I believe this is my third time seeing the quartet play. I’ve always admired people for their musical talents, and Pacifica is no exception they are quite good. I imagine keeping up with their teaching schedule, and traveling around the world is no easy task. Although, sometime I do talk about engineering as a” superior” major. Not everyone is cut out to be a engineer, just like I’m not cut out to be a exceptional musician. Despite my previous unpleasant experience attempting to date a music major, it would be quite gratifying to date someone exceptionally good and be able to watch their performances.

I am pretty content with the semester so far, I never complain about the classes. I was so lucky that I was able to achieve a few things here and there, although I don’t really trivialize my successes. I don’t really waste time celebrating every small gain. I prefer systems thinking, I like thinking about the big picture. If you watch LOST, you probably know that Universe self-corrects itself. I think the guy on the violin does a good job: