Last night there was a 3.8-magnitude earthquake that rattled parts of Illinois, and was felt in Iowa and Indiana.

Most people have a piece of art in their living room, perhaps a vase of some sort, but one man in California has a Ferrari parked in his living room.,0,4655518.story

In honor of me taking British Victorian History:


I actually really enjoying it the Victorian period was a crazy time….

Italia, Sto arrivando…



ECE is my second love after my first love, no maybe it’s my third love….engineers have a reputation for being cocky, arrogant, believing they are better than everyone else. One thing though how many people can count in 0/1 or talk about the maximum and minimum voltage swings in a transistor.

Yea it’s rather nerdy stuff. No doubt about it. However, I don’t think all majors are made equal. In ECE we rarely get test verbatim based on HW, rarely get take home exams. We aim for averages of 50s, some classes even have averages of 30s. We’re big on curving and proving you aren’t the best. That’s just the nature of this major. I’m not complaining, I chose it. But I understand why an outside observer, doesn’t understand the amounts of time, and lack of socializing this major costs you….

There has to be an upside somewhere, however…

xoxoxo everyone!

One of those nights

Tonight, was on those the nights, the ones that don’t end. Lab reports can take a while, so can thinking about how to designing a voltage regulator. ECE 442, and ECE 476 are going to have to wait until 8 am.

My Schedule as follows:

1-Research Group Meeting
2-5 Lab
5-8 476Hw/Dinner/Lunch?
8 News Desk Meeting
9 476? –
10 DI Story Prep?

But I guess I do get Friday nights off.

Away Messages

From John:
Updated March 29th, 2009

While discussing the NYTimes:
Shawn: I also notice they limit there uses of “The”
JHK: You mean their?
Shawn: their*
Shawn: I bet you to the correction
Shawn: beat********
Shawn: f***

From Sumona:
shawn: im tired and still have things to do ugh
me: thats the story of my life.

I’m back!

Well, like everyone else I wish Spring Break was two weeks long. Other than that, I’ve been really lazy since I’ve returned. I got my exams back that I took before break, they all turned out well. Persistence does pay off in school, hopefully that is true in life also. But I think faith plays a role too.

And my Position on GM is that the government shouldn’t bail them out. They should go bankrupt and get restructured. As a taxpaying American, I am tired of corporate bailouts and golden parachutes for CEOs.

Dee Dee Myers and Finals

I’ve been to many distinguished lectures during my time at the University of Illinois. However, I have to say Dee Dee Myers was quite possibly one of more inspirational speakers, I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. For those of you that don’t know Dee Dee Myers had the distinction of being the first female press secretary for a US president under the Clinton administration. Particularly I found her message to inspire young feminist, uplifting. The bottom line during her talk was to get across the point, that you need to be confident in things you are passionate about.

Naturally as she pointed out, she is a partisan and could not resist making some comments about the incoming Obama administration and the election that is still being put to bed. I agreed with her that the only place to find experienced people was to look to the Clinton administration since, they have been the only democratic administration in the past 20 plus years.

School has been busy my classes are alot of work. I haven’t had much time this semester to get out and do alot of things. I haven’t been to gym in ages. I’ve been watching the coverage of the elections lately. No doubt Hillary Clinton is in the fight for her political life. Barack Obama has just started his political life. I recently got two offers for summer internships, one in Des Moines, Iowa with John Deere and the other is in Ft.Lauderdale about 45 minutes from my home with Motorola. I’m a little disappointed I won’t be able to go to Madrid for the summer. I hope I’ll get to study abroad before I graduate, but I really love traveling. I was looking at some pictures of Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest standing structure at the moment, and when completed it will be the world’s largest building. I think its amazing how fast Dubai is growing as a world city. I’ll make an attempt to post on my blog once per day.