So I spent my New Years in Hsinchu city, Taiwan. It was a rather quiet New year since Hsinchu is situated about 80 minutes North of Taipei. We were too far to be in the center of all the action. I’ve enjoyed my time in Taiwan it is quite an impressive country. I wish I knew Chinese so that I could move around easier and interact with more people. Most of you know this is my first trip to Asia. The first two days we spent in Taiwan I visited alot of Tourist attractions. I explored the country side by going to the Natural Springs, and visiting the vistor center of the Taiwan national park system which was a bit disappointing. The Taiwanese national parks generally require a bit more skill to explore it as hiking is the primary way to enter.I visited Taipei 101 which is the world’s tallest building. Its amazing the things engineers can accomplish, such as building a high building in an earthquake prone zone.I visited NTCU which is a one of the major universities in Taiwan its very nice no doubt a great engineering school. I have to say we have been well received on the usland by our host at univerisity. Today I visited some of the companies that are big in technology sector in Taiwan. I personally thought AUO was very interesting because of the work it takes to design TFT-lcd displays. If you don’t know what that means don’t worry, because neither do I at this point in Time.So I guess I could say personally it has been very fun visiting asia. I must admit its nice that Engineering is a great profession in Asia, in America no one really apperciates scientists and Engineers. Lately I’ve still been thinking about what I want do to with my engineering degree. How far will it take me is the question.I often think that I’m too nice of a person people sometime do get the upper hand on me occasionally. But one of the nice things in college you get to choose from a large group of people, and keep the ones you want, and lose the ones you don’t want. I usually do things the way I want, regardless of what people think. I don’t think I’ll be trying to please anyone soon. I wonder if I’ll be losing some friends this year.