Bash for Windows

I’ve been a linux user for at least 15 years, almost half of my life. Accessing my linux distribution has always come through putty or a mac terminal line. But it seems putty’s days are number as bash is coming to windows. Now I’ll be able to SSH easily into my servers and do my web-development.



Riding the CTA

Having wireless broadband everywhere is pretty nice. I’m sitting on the CTA redline using my laptop while heading to Loyola, at Chicago and Lake. This weekend was pretty good, I went to a local art festival in Deerfield, with Jenny and Sayo. Besides that I think I have a better grasp on my design project now. Last night I decided to read into the wee hours of the morning, but it was worth it.

I ordered some parts today, that should come in pretty soon. Global commerce is pretty interesting, I remember when I bought a device earlier this year and it came from China through US Customs in less than two days. I think the parts I ordered are coming from Alberta, Canada.


So I’m back the technology company I worked for last year. I have to admit our design center is pretty cool. I have a cube with a window. We have a game room on my floor. Loyola is pretty nice. The traffic is pretty stiff in downtown Chicago, quite nice.

I think if you look around the interns of the company. Those people deserve to be there, they know how to play the game. My project is pretty interesting.