College and Life as a Junior

Well I haven’t been writing on my blog lately, but things are more or less the same. Back to classes with more hw, and more years of college, which is sorta a good thing. I was day dreaming yesterday, thinking about all the things that I’ve done over the past two years here at school, and the things I still want to do. There’s been quite a few road bumps here and there, but I usually manage to get past them. Along the way, I unfortunately realized I’m 20 now, and that means toning down my practical jokes. I had the pleasure to get a lot done with research and classes.

On a personal side I have a few regrets. I feel bad about one particular person in college who I wish I was better friends with, due to similar interests. I think a little humility would have saved that friendship, but you know life moves on.

When I was a freshman I always felt, I was possibly out-maneuvered/manipulated by someone I like very much as a friend. I respect this person for being very clever, but still have many outstanding questions about them.

The biggest lesson I learned however was don’t ever waste your time trying to change someone. You’ll probably realize that some things are just not possible. Now its not to say you can’t change someone, but they have to want to change too. It can’t be a one way process, its really part of critical thinking, if you can’t reason out why you want to change, forget being able to change yourself. Game Over. So on that note, forget about people that are not worth it. They’ll never appreciate you, and you’ll find at the end of the day feeling that they only care about themselves. For this person I attribute this to their upbringing, their ignorance of the world, and their need to fit in to shore up insecurities.

But you know what thats ok, because I am very happy with all the other genuine people I’ve met here in college and around the world. I am happy with my accomplishments and look forward to what the future has for me and the good people I know.