SPOILER Warning:Engineering Centric Post
RF it’s everywhere. Hard to believe, but there are radio signals going everywhere, as I stare up at my posters of Audrey Hepburn, Mt.Everest and Venice. There are many RF signals or in laymen terms radio waves transversing across the room right. Amazing while most of you are sleeping, EM waves are crossing over your bed left and right, bouncing off of you. So let’s think about this we have a wave traveling at the speed of light that is moving so fast it gets blue-shifted into the visible spectrum..right..right…if you don’t get that neither do I fully. But this simplistic example is a idea of the abstract things I deal with on a daily bias, I learn about how to generate these signals for the wireless networks we all use, or the cell phones we talk on, but I never see what I’m designing, because I can’t.

Favorite pictures of the day:
Everyone knows I’m an Urban dweller I love big cities, including my own hometown, but I’d put Chicago as my second favorite. One of the photos should look familiar it is lake shore drive. In the photo there’s a great location to sit and watch the skyline, and yea…do other things…The second is a picture of just a cool picture of Hiroshima at night from wiki. The night shoot just looks cool..Ah I love modernity.