The Côte d’Azur

Also known as the French Riviera in English, its largest city is Nice. Monaco is about a 15 minute train ride from Nice. The French trains seem to be up to Danish standards. Yes, I will forever be in love with Copenhagen. The average transit time by high speed train to Paris is six hours. I randomly decided on showcase these pictures, from my visit.

A commercial for a phone I worked on:

Where the song comes from:

A picture of the shoreline in Nice

The train to Monaco or Monte-Carlo

A street in Monaco

A marina in Monaco


Green Job Story

Study questions green job funding

A taste of Marseille

Continuing my picture tour of Europe with the beautiful port city of Marseille. It has the second largest port in Europe, only second to Rotterdam. It is also the second largest city in France. I think the next set will be on Monaco, and the French Riviera. Please excuse the image quality, I know the pictures became pixelated after I reduced the size, and quality of the image.

Check this out if you have time:

From the magnificent basilica Notre-Dame de la Garde situated on top of a mountain in Marseille:

Photos from Monday

I decided to go out the other night, and snap some pictures around 1:30 am, with my DSLR. And I snapped some pictures near the Krannert Center for the Performing Arts. Yes I know it’s a shocker people that don’t go to U of I read my blog, so I have to describe places on campus…..The governor visiting campus trumped my story, so I have no idea when my next story will run, and homecoming is tomorrow.

Coming Up 10/3/09

Coming up this week Monday, 442. Check out my stories in the paper, Wednesday and Thursday. Especially the Thursday story, I’ve worked long and hard to get that source.

Other than that some designs due this week. Papers to read for research. Giving tours at Krannert.

Go 442.Let’s do it to.